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Should you start your own niche marketing business? Why not? Since the internet came along, starting a business from home has become something almost anyone can do. It doesn't cost a lot and you can get started quickly but . . . . . that is also a problem.

Too many people grab a domain name, throw up a website, and then sit back waiting for the money to start flowing in.

The first point I want to make is if you plan on starting a web business, treat it like a real business. Make a plan first, then learn the proper way to get started, then go for it.

The good news is it doesn't have to cost you a lot.

You can easily start a niche blog at no cost other than hosting fees. I use mainly WordPress but also have a few blogs at, which is completely free.

The advantage of WordPress is you install it on your own domain name and you control it. There are also many plugins to help set your blog up so people find it.

Now starting a blog is something I highly recommend and moreso now than ever. I have been experimenting with using blogs made with WordPress as both a website and a blog. The results are encouraging. What I like is you can set any page or post as a static page and that will be your index page. When people type in your addrsss, that is the page they will see.

I have set these new sites up with numerous pages as well as posts but with a unique twist. Unless I am doing a short post, I allow a single post only on a page. Here's why.

It looks more like a website but has all the advantages of a blog. You can easily update it, a list of the pages and posts, if set up that way, show up in your sidebar so you don't have to worry about setting up a link page to each site, it pings automatically, and more. Foreclosure Tips is one of the blogs I am using as a web site. Go there just to see what you can accomplish. More to come on this later.

internet marketingHowever, you do have to grab a domain name and a hosting service (read the free 10 day action course below before starting) if you use Wordpress. Well - do you want to start a business? If you are in it for fun, may be more for you. I do have a few blogs there but the problem is they can shut down your blog without even letting you know why so I don't want to invest a lot of time in these. Same goes for Hubpages and Squidoo. I use them as short websites and as a link to my regular sites.

No matter how you decide to start, 10 Steps to Start Your Own Internet Business .
is a 10 Day Action Guide to get you started and . . .

  • Yes - It is free.
  • Yes - it is very valuable and gives you more solid information than many books that you pay for.
  • Yes - It is going to make reference to a special website business I will show you some videos about below - but read it any way as it gives you very valuable info you need no matter what you use to build your first site.

Now, once you read and absorb this information - you will have the knowledge to get started the right way and avoid a lot of the pitfalls many others are going to go through.

If you decide then to make your first site using SBI - great. Everything will be at your fingertips and you will go step by step through the process, from choosing a niche to getting a domain name to building your first page - and so on. Hosting is provided, as is the domain name. Search engine promoting is automatic and blogging is automatic, but more on that later.

If you decide to take your newfound knowledge and go it alone, you'll have a good idea how to start. You'll find a niche you are passionate about, get a domain name, get a program to allow you to design your site, and then go about building your new site and promoting it.

Here is a good hosting service and the price is right . . . . .

I have many of my sites with them.

I build a lot of websites and have over 30 domain sites. Getting to the top of search engines has been one of my strong points however, that is getting tougher and tougher.

It's hard enough coming up with new content. Fortunately plr products help, if you use them correctly. But you have to continually add good, quality content and trying to do that and worry about search engine promoting and all - - - - - Basically It Sucks! :-) Excuse my French.

It's one of the reasons I had first looked into new ways to build more sites that would bring in more profits. That led me to SiteBuildIt. I started with a Recipe Site about 4 years ago. It is going strong and growing everyday and actually has surpassed what was my original main site.

Funny thing is I had abandoned it for the most part for a few months and suddenly, out of the blue, I saw my traffic was increasing daily. After checking I found lots of my keywords were showing up on the front page of Google. And I wasn't doing anything!

I love this because you will not only build a website - you will build one and automatically update your blog, promote it to search engines, find keywords that are most popular, set your pages up automatically for high search engine rankings, create a newsletter and maintain a list --- and more.

make money at homeCan you make money without SiteBuild?


It will just be more time consuming and you will most likely need to learn some search engine promotion. But hey - I have sites doing the same I built from scratch. It's just that they take a lot of babysitting.

Look and see what I'm talking about. Just look. It won't cost you anything but a little time. The bottom line is if you do your first site using this - you will learn a lot more than you could ever learn reading a ton of books. Although I do a lot of sites using other methods, I will continue to build sites using this and as each one begins to make money, I'll take part of the profits and set up another site with this. Overall, it is easier - the sites get higher ranks quicker - and these sites become more profitable in a shorter period of time.

My goal is about 10 of these within the next 5 years - each additional ones being added once the others have become profitable. This WebSite Building Slide Show gets down to the nitty gritty and shows you exactly how you will go about creating your website.

My 4 current SiteBuild websites are:

Some are in the beginning stages but I am showing them to you to see the different looks. They are already bringing in traffic but here is a key I have found checking my stats.


When I add a new article, I am given the option to have an exerpt posted on a blog for the site and that --- let me tell you ---- is where I get many visitors. You add an article and you automatically blog. It works and I wish I could figure out how to do the same thing for my sites not running thru here.


Really. Many of the top money earners on the web use this service for at least one and usually more of their sites.

Listen. I still build some sites the old fashioned way. But the goal now is to build a site using SiteBuildIt and, as it pays for itself, move on and build another while the previous sites start bringing in traffic and profits.

The goal is about 10 sites here. Ambitious? Probably. But you have to set your sites high. The internet is not going to get smaller and more and more people are going to continue to go online, so creating websites for them to visit and get solid information from seems a no brainer.


One more thing. You don't just build a site here. You get a free domain name, an automatic blog so every article you add - you can have it automatically update your blog, free search engine promotion, free mailing list setup, and a whole lot more. Build your own niche web site today!

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